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What to Expect at Auditions and Rehearsals

We hold two audition sessions each year, one in August just prior to the first rehearsal for the Christmas concert and one in January just before the first rehearsal for the spring concert.

The audition process is simple: just arrive ready to sing! No need to call ahead to reserve a time - we will have some short pieces and exercises prepared for you to sing to gauge your vocal skill, type, musical ear, pitch-matching and ability to read music. You will be instructed on any further steps in the process after your audition. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us using our Contact Us page.

The Chorale produces three concert works each season, one before Christmas, another in Mar
ch, and a Pops concert before our summer break.

Fall: Christmas Concert:      Rehearsals begin late in August and the performances are early in December.

Spring: Classics Concert:    Rehearsals start early in January and the performance is in late March.

Pops Concert:                     Rehearsals start the week after the spring concert and the performances are at the beginning of June.

Rehearsals for the Chorale are on Monday nights throughout each concert session, from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary of Cherokee Presbyterian Church located at 1498 Johnson Brady Rd., Canton, GA 30115.

Extra rehearsals before performances may be required and notice will be provided well ahead of time. A full season schedule is provided to all members.


Thinking of joining us? Contact us for more information.

Auditions for the 2021-2022 Season


Community members that enjoy singing and serving their community through the gift of music! We especially encourage Tenors and Basses to audition for ensemble balancing needs, and space is limited for Sopranos and Altos.


Auditions for new singers (those who have not sung with the Chorale in the past 3 years) will be held on Sunday, January 2, 2022, at 3:00 p.m. at Cherokee Presbyterian Church located at 1498 Johnson Brady Rd., Canton, GA 30115. Rehearsals will begin Monday, January 3, 2022, with some Mondays (TBA) taken off for vacations.

- All rehearsals, except the dress rehearsal, will be held at Cherokee Presbyterian Church (1498 Johnson Brady Rd, Canton; intersection of Johnson Brady and Hwy. 20).
- Dress rehearsal and performance for the December concert will be at Canton First United Methodist Church.

- Dress rehearsal and performance for the March concert will be at Falany (Reinhardt University).
- Dress rehearsal and performances for the June Pops concert will be at River Ridge High School.

Covid-19 Precautions & Expectations
- We will NOT require masks for rehearsals or performances. Individual singers may still wear masks if desired.

- We encourage singers to have the COVID vaccination, but do not require it.
- Rehearsals will have less social distancing than we have had this past season. We will have more than 3 singers in each pew and singers will be in every row instead of every other row. The number of singers in each pew may be adjusted to reflect physical staging limitations of the performance venues and to positively impact the musicality of the Chorale, as determined by the director.
- Concerts will have NO social distancing, since we all have to fit in the choir loft and on the stage at CFUMC or Falany. We will basically be shoulder-to-shoulder, as we were before COVID.
- The Chorale will assume no liability for COVID infections of members.

Attendance Policy

Because we are basically returning to some semblance of normalcy, we are going to be more strict about rehearsal attendance than we have been this past season. If you miss more than 2 rehearsals for any one concert, you need to contact the director for advice as to whether you are able to continue for that concert.

Dues for the season remain $50, to be paid at the first rehearsal.

become a member of your musical community

Membership in the Cherokee Chorale is open to singers and  non- singers alike. Non-singers may serve in various positions, including as members of the Board of Directors.

To become a singing member, you will be asked to participate in our audition process to ensure the ensemble contains the right voices in the proper balance. If you love to sing, can easily learn and read standard music notation, and enjoy the privileges and challenges of singing with professionals and hobbyists alike, we welcome you to come audition for us!

As a member of Cherokee Chorale, you will be able to be involved in all aspects of the development and activity of the Chorale, including voting procedures and running for and holding elected offices on the Board of Directors. Members of the Chorale enjoy the ability to be involved in Chorale operations with the knowledge that they are supporting a premier regional arts organization dedicated to making quality music for the good of all. Membership requires a small contribution of dues once per year, the initial cost of concert attire, and a desire to be involved.